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- The Lucie X is a versatile shoe designed for comfort and practicality. It features extra depth to accommodate severe oedema, internal braces, and AFOs, making it suitable for various foot conditions.
- Hinged contact closures on each side enable easy adjustment and support, enhancing stability.
- Leather and mesh uppers promote breathability, keeping feet cool and dry.
- A protective toe box adds extra safeguarding against toe stubbing.
- Constructed with top-quality materials to minimize wear and tear, the Lucie X ensures durability.
- A firm heel counter provides medial and lateral support for everyday activities.

Indications for use include:
- Diabetes
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Corns
- Calluses
- Swollen Feet
- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Bunions
- Hammer Toes
- Morton's Neuroma
- Injuries involving tendons, muscles, and bones (e.g., Achilles Tendonitis)

Dr Comfort Lucie X

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