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Slip into comfort and style with the Dr. Comfort® Patty. Designed for a clean and simple look, this casual walking shoe combines sophistication with support. Featuring soft, smooth cushioned leather and a padded tongue and heel cuff, it helps prevent skin irritation. The spacious toe box offers ample room, protecting your toes from stubbing. The Patty pairs perfectly with jeans for all-day comfort.

### Features

- **Removable Insoles**: Easily replace the footbeds with your own orthotics.
- **Leather Uppers**: Natural material that regulates heat, keeping your feet cool and dry.
- **Protective Toe Box**: Extra width and depth reduce pressure on your feet and prevent toe stubbing.
- **Top-Quality Construction**: High-quality materials and craftsmanship prevent wear and tear.
- **Firm Heel Counter**: Provides additional support and stability for everyday activities.
- **Lightweight Construction**: The outsole is lightweight and has a skid-resistant finish.

### Indications for Use

The Dr. Comfort® Patty is suitable for those with:
- Diabetes
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Corns
- Calluses
- Swollen Feet
- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Bunions
- Hammer Toes
- Morton's Neuroma
- Injuries involving tendons, muscles, and bones (e.g., Achilles Tendonitis)

Dr Comfort Patty

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