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Foot Orthotics

For expertly fitted orthotics aimed at achieving optimal foot and ankle alignment, visit Practical Podiatry. Misalignment in the foot and ankle can cause discomfort or pain elsewhere in the body. Orthotics serve as corrective devices to help achieve proper alignment, alleviating discomfort in other areas.

Fitting Orthotic Insoles


An orthotic, recommended by a podiatrist, is a foot device designed to enhance foot function and lower leg mechanics. When inserted into your shoes, it helps restore and maintain your foot's natural arch and alignment. Through a gait analysis, a podiatrist can identify common biomechanical issues such as excessive pronation, over-supination, ankle instability, pelvic misalignment, and leg length discrepancies, which orthotics aim to address.


At Practical Podiatry, we offer a wide range of orthotics catering to children, adults, and seniors. Our professionally fitted orthotics encompass fully-customized options as well as high-quality pre-formed ones. Whether for everyday use or specialized activities like sports, we can customize orthotics to meet your needs and budget. Beyond biomechanical alignment support, orthotics can alleviate various conditions and symptoms, including heel pain, Achilles pain, arch pain, shin splints, forefoot pain, plantar fasciitis, and neuroma.

New Insoles
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