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Diabetes Assessment

During your first visit, expect a comprehensive diabetic assessment, typically repeated annually in accordance with Diabetes Australia guidelines. Practical Podiatry will communicate with your doctor and specialist to assess your feet's risk of developing complications.

Foot Massage


Diabetics often experience reduced sensation in their feet due to poor oxygen supply and nerve damage, leading to various foot issues such as ulcers, bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, and fungal infections. Most of these problems can be effectively treated if detected early. However, poor circulation in diabetics can increase the risk of gangrene, potentially necessitating amputation to prevent the spread of infection. Early diagnosis is important for preventing progression of the condition.


Diabetics should diligently monitor and care for their feet to detect any issues early. Regular checkups with a podiatrist are recommended to prevent serious problems. Wearing footwear at all times, even at home, helps prevent unnoticed injuries due to reduced foot sensation.

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