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Ingrown Toenail

Experiencing an ingrown toenail can significantly disrupt your daily routine due to the pain it causes. At Practical Podiatry, our skilled podiatrists specialize in addressing this discomforting condition. They will diagnose and treat your ingrown toenail effectively.



An ingrown toenail occurs when a sharp edge or spike of nail grows into the surrounding flesh, often due to factors like improper nail cutting, poorly fitting shoes, or hereditary predisposition. Symptoms include redness, swelling, and pain. Without treatment, it can lead to infection. Early treatment is typically swift and successful, while chronic cases may necessitate ingrown toenail surgery.


At Practical Podiatry, we routinely perform nail surgery, also known as partial nail avulsion or nail wedge resection, to address ingrown toenails. This procedure takes place in our consulting rooms under local anesthesia, eliminating the need for costly day surgery.


Our 4-step process includes injecting the affected toe with local anesthesia, surgically removing the ingrown nail at its root, preventing regrowth using chemical sterilization of the nail bed, and dressing the toe with antiseptic to minimize post-operative infection.


Following surgery, it's important to keep the dressing dry for 2 days and wear open-toed sandals or thongs. Afterward, you can transition back to normal footwear and resume daily activities. While full healing typically takes 6-8 weeks, many patients can return to sporting activities within 2 weeks. For personalized guidance and any recovery-related inquiries, consult with your podiatrist.

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