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Price List

We know healthcare costs can be daunting, but we offer the best possible value to all our patients. 

We advertise our prices so it is transparent and you aren't left with nasty surprises like you may elsewhere.

We offer bulk billing for all EPC (see below), DVA gold card holders, NDIS and My Aged Care patients.

Please advise us if these apply to yourself when making the booking.

TAC & Works Cover patients will need to pay appointment fees on the day and claim back via their insurance.

Health fund rebates are available through HICAPS at all locations.



Item Code                     Description                              Cost

F004                             Initial Consultation                       $80-90- Depending on complexity

F004                             Initial Consult (Senior/Child)       $70

F012                             Subsequent Consult                    $70-80 Depending on complexity

F012                             Subsequent (Senior/Child)          $65

F033                             Home visits                                   (contact regarding costs)



Nail Surgery

F546                             PNA (Single toe and edge)       $255

F546                             PNA (Single toe bilateral)          $275

F546                             PNA (Both toes)                          $350

F547                             Total Nail Avulsion                      $255


Prefabricated Devices

F240                             Prefabricated orthotics                         $65

F311                             Immobilisation boot (Black- basic)      $90 

F311                             Immobilisation boot (Grey- full shell)  $150     

F269                             Heel raise- Pair                                      $10


Custom Orthotics 

F118                             Biomechanical Assessment            $50

F301                             Casting (right foot)                         $45

F301                             Casting (left foot)                            $45

F221                             Custom Orthotic (right)                  $225

F221                             Custom Orthotic (left)                     $225

                                                                                                Total- $650ish (with appointment)

EPC (Care Plan)

Care plans or EPC's referrals can be given by your GP to see different health professionals including podiatrists.

These can cover a maximum of 5 services per calendar year (Jan 1st - Dec 31st) which a rebate is given through medicare. These visits can be shared by different health providers eg. Podiatry 3 visits, Diabetes Educator 2 visits but it is a maximum of 5 per calendar year.

Some providers may charge their normal fees and provide you with a rebate whilst others will Bulk Bill you. (The rebate from medicare has only increased by $5 in the last 10 years- this is an average growth of 50cents a year- well below inflation thus why they may charge a GAP)

We currently BULK BILL all who have a Care plan/ EPC referral for the appointment but there may be costs involved if items like orthotics or nail surgery is required as these are not covered by medicare.

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