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- Slip your feet into unparalleled comfort with the Dr. Comfort® Cuddle women’s slipper, featuring soft fleece lining and microfiber uppers for plush comfort whether lounging or moving around the house.
- The Cuddle provides ample room to accommodate swollen, achy feet, while its closed heel offers support and stability without causing skin irritation.
- A rubber outsole ensures traction for safe walking.

Explore the Features:
- Gel Insoles: Dr. Comfort gel inserts ensure comfort.
- Slip-Resistant Outsole: Rubber/EVA outsole prevents slipping.
- Microfiber Uppers and Fleece Lining: Soft suede-like uppers and fleece lining offer comfort and support.
- Protective Toe Box: Extra protection from toe stubbing.
- Top-Quality Shoe: High-quality material and construction reduce wear and tear.
- Closed-Heel Design: Supports and accommodates swollen feet, easy on/off application, and prevents skin irritation.

Indications include foot problems associated with:
- Diabetes
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Corns
- Calluses
- Swollen Feet
- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Bunions
- Hammer Toes
- Morton's Neuroma
- Injuries involving tendons, muscles, and bones (e.g., Achilles Tendonitis)

Dr Comfort Cuddle

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