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Dr. Comfort Gordon Men’s Shoes

Transforming your walking experience, the Dr. Comfort® Gordon men's athletic walking shoe combines convenience, style, and support. Featuring a removable footbed for a personalized fit, it also includes a dual-density midsole and footbed for enhanced comfort and stability. The shoe's full-length, heel-to-toe filler, which can be removed to provide an extra 3/16” of depth, accommodates custom-molded or custom inserts. This athletic shoe is ideal for men with poor circulation, diabetic conditions, non-diabetic foot issues, a history of foot ulcers, peripheral neuropathy with callus formation, or foot deformities. The Gordon's sleek, modern design offers a trendy look while ensuring functional support to help mitigate foot health issues.

Key Features:
- Increased Arch Stability
- Reduced Seam Lines
- Dual-Density Midsole
- Anti-Abrasion
- Available in Black, White and Blue

Dr Comfort Gordon Men’s Shoes | Dr Comfort

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