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Dr. Comfort’s Breeze presents a contemporary and casual sandal/shoe fusion, designed with an open-air concept to provide comfort and ventilation to your feet.

Crafted from full-grain leather and featuring a firm heel counter, protective toe box, and adjustable contact closure, this sandal offers both style and functionality. Available in Black Coffee and Light Gold.

About Breeze:
Elevate your style while prioritizing comfort. The Dr. Comfort® Breeze combines casual charm with exceptional comfort, making it a versatile addition to your footwear collection. Its open-air design facilitates cooling airflow, while the arch support and padded heel ensure optimal foot stabilization and comfort. Made from premium full-grain leather, the Breeze boasts an adjustable contact closure for a customized fit. Versatile and chic, the Breeze is a go-anywhere sandal that pairs effortlessly with dresses or jeans.

Dr Comfort Breeze Women’s Shoes | Dr Comfort

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